In Progress Now: 146th St. & SR37 Interchange

Short-Term Restrictions

 Between Monday 12/6 and Friday 12/10:

There will be traffic restrictions on SR37 between 146th Street and Greenfield Avenue to perform pavement smoothness corrections on the concrete weigh-in-motion station.

Latest Construction Update 

  • On/After October 15th 146th St. traffic will switch to the newly constructed north half of the roadway.
  • This traffic switch will not change any turning movements or any adjustments to SR 37 traffic.
  • Through traffic and right turns on 146th St. and State Road 37 will remain open during all phases of construction.
  • Left turns will continue to be restricted at this interchange until the completion of construction.

Current Timeline for 146th St. Work

10/18/21 – 146th St. from Mundy Drive to the railroad tracks will be pushed onto the newly constructed north half of 146th street bridge and road.  This will not change any existing turning movements allowed or not allowed.

 On/After 10/29 – Herriman from 146th St. to the north will be pushed onto the newly (near future) constructed pavement in order to allow construction of the west half of Herriman Blvd.

131st St. Slated to Transition from Westside to Eastside On/After October 22nd

  • On/After October 22nd, SR37 traffic will switch from the east side to the west side between 126th and 141st streets
  • During this time drivers should anticipate some evening restrictions
  • Once the traffic switch is complete, 131st St. will remain closed (on the westside) for approximately 3 weeks
  • All work and posted timeframes are weather dependent
  • Note lane restrictions below as prep work is conducted for the switch

Prep for Traffic Switch Timeline/Overnight Lane Restrictions

10/18 7PM to 6AM

SB SR37 will be restricted to one lane from 135th St. to 141st St. for the removal/placement of pavement markings. Once the restriction is complete, SB SR37 lanes will be moved onto the temporary widening.

10/26 7PM to 6AM

*Note: This is weather dependent and subject to change if necessary.

SB SR37 wil be restricted to one lane from 7PM to 6AM between 135th St. to 126th St. for removal of the barrier wall and conflicting markings. At the conclusion of this restriction, traffic will be placed on the newly constructed pavement going through the ramp system at 131st street. Restricted access will remain for SB SR37 on or off 131st street for an additional couple of weeks.

 10/27  7PM to 6AM

NB SR37 will be restricted to one lane from 7PM to 6AM between 126th to 141st for the placement of barrier wall and pavement markings.  At the conclusion of this restriction, traffic will be moved over to the newly constructed pavement to allow the east half of the interchange to be constructed.  All access to/from 131st street will be eliminated for NB SR37 traffic.


Anticipated completion of the 131st street work that will allow Right in/Right out movements for SB SR37 and 131st St.

 March 3rd+Ongoing: 

  • The northbound SR 37 Right turn lane onto 135th St. will be closed from 131st St. to approximately halfway to 135th St. for Phase 1 construction.
  • This portion of the dedicated turn lane will not reopen to regular capacity until the interchange is complete.
  • Right turns are permitted, the turn lane restriction will provide more room for construction crews.


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