Know Before You Go!

37 Thrives Fast Facts

Construction to improve State Road 37 continues.  Here’s what you need to know:

State Road 37 will be OPEN during all phases of construction, with two northbound and two southbound lanes open during each phase of construction.  There will be closures on side roads with alternate routes always accessible. 

Construction is complete at the 126th St. interchange, with 146th St. in progress now through mid-year 2022. The intersections to follow will be constructed in the following order:  131st St., 141st St., and ending with 135th St.  The project overall completion is slated for 2023.

This project will eliminate the intersection stoplights on SR 37 and allow cars to ‘go over,’ via on/off ramps.

The City of Fishers and Hamilton County are managing the construction and the public awareness campaign to ensure information is clearly communicated and easily accessible at all times.

The City of Fishers, City of Noblesville, Hamilton County, and INDOT are working together to improve the vitality of this corridor for local businesses, residents, and those driving into our growing community.

37 Thrives Impact & Improvements

The State Road 37 Improvement Project will benefit the business and community landscape for the future. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect:

This Project Will Alleviate Traffic Congestion on State Road 37.

  • Improving traffic flow along State Road 37 impacts the time drivers spend waiting at stoplights.
  • Improving stoplight congestion directly impacts secondary back-ups on the east and west streets.
  • Improving the overall experience on 37 impacts the quality and future growth of the corridor.

This Project Will Enhance Access to Businesses on State Road 37.

  • Improving the infrastructure of State Road 37 impacts business by keeping drivers on this connective highway.
  • Improving traffic flow impacts the accessibility to local businesses.
  • Improving the experience of driving on State Road 37 attracts and impacts new customers for local businesses.

This Project Will Increase Efficiency and Safety on State Road 37.

  • Improving bicycle/pedestrian mobility impacts a modern, mixed-transit community.
  • Improving State Road 37 to accommodate alternative modes of transportation impacts economic development opportunities.
  • Improving overall roadway infrastructure impacts security and safety for all drivers traveling on State Road 37 today and tomorrow.

360 View & Renderings

Explore State Road 37 on an interactive, 3D map. Click and drag to get a birds-eye view of the intersections and locations that impact you.

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