Project Update & Impact

Public Information Meeting  November 1, 2021

126th St. Interchange

  • Construction is complete.
  • Finishing touches to be completed including seeding, staining, handrail lighting, etc.
Impact to Date
  • Drastic reduction in backups on I-69.
  • Free flow traffic through 126th.
  • No longer using law enforcement to control traffic congestion at Ford Drive.

146th St. Interchange

  • Traffic on 146th street is now on the newly constructed section of the bridge.
  • The contractor will now focus efforts on the south half of the 146th St. bridge.
  • Work on SR37 excavation and construction of the south portion of SR 37 is ongoing.
Impact to Date
  • Left turns continue to be restricted at SR37 and 146th St. through completion of interchange.

131st St. Interchange

  • Traffic is now on the newly constructed West portion of the Interchange.
  • Work will now be concentrated on the eastern portion of the intersection and the bridge.
  • This will continue throughout the winter with construction completion anticipated late summer 2022.
Impact to Date
  • Southbound traffic is now on the future ramps and Northbound traffic is on mainline SR37. 
  • Access will be restricted from 131st St. for a duration of approximately 3 weeks. 
  • Access to/from SR37 on the east side will be restricted over the winter.

135th St. Interchange

  • The intersection is fully operational while construction is ongoing at 131st St.
Impact to Date
  • When 131st St is open to cross traffic in Summer 2022, work will begin to convert this into a Right-In Right-Out.

141st St. Interchange

  • Currently in final stages of design.
  • Wrapping up R/W acquisition and initiating utility relocations
  • The project is on a letting date of February 2022.
Impact to Date
  • Initial traffic impacts to begin late summer 2022.

Business Stakeholder Collaboration

Engaging our SR37 Business Stakeholders continues to be a primary objective of the 37Thrives campaign.  Since July 2018, monthly business stakeholder meetings have been hosted to provide a direct channel of communication.  A few highlights of this multi-year collaboration include:

  • Monthly meetings to share construction updates, answer questions and get businesses involved in marketing opportunities.
  • Direct communication with email updates on construction details, schedules, and notice of restrictions–prior to public posting.
  • One-to-One collaboration/support.
  • Media/advertising participation.

Public Outreach

Advertising Reach

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Social Media

  • This year to date, 37Thrives FB page has reached $181K users through posts.
  • Ads served from 37Thrives FB page have reached 168K users.
  • Page users are primarily Women ages 35-55. 


  • Cities (Fishers and Noblesville) have provided flexibility with temporary sign permitting to better accommodate businesses during construction phases. 
  • 37Thrives signs, and “Businesses Open” signs have been placed with all “Road Closed” signs in construction corridor.

Get In Contact

Project Team Contacts

Hatem Mekky, Assistant Director of Engineering- City of Fishers

Jennifer Beck, Project Manager- INDOT

Keriann Rich, Marketing & Business Advocacy- Imavex & Honest Digital

Project Partners

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